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Hyundai best Tractor Truck 6X2 410HP with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

HYUNDAI truck produced in CZPT since end of 2014, the engine is HYUNDAI CZPT TEC made in Korea, engine horse CZPT is from 360hp to 410hp, engine displace from CZPT III to CZPT IV, transmission is HYUNDAI DYMOS  made in Korea 12 speeds, stable quality in the world.

Driving type: 6*2 left hand driving

Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, electronic control, CZPT
Engine model: D6CF41E4, CZPT IV emission standard 
6-cylinder in-line with water cooled, turbo-charging and intercooler
Maximum output: 410 hp (302 Kw) at 1900 rpm
Maximum torque: 1796 Nm at 1200-1500r/min
Number of cylinder: 6 in line
Displacement: 12.742 L
Bore: 125 mm
Stroke: 147 mm
Specific fuel consumption: 198 g/kWh
Engine oil filling quantity: 19 l
Cooling system filling quantity (long-term filling): 40 l
Thermostat with 71ºC opening begin
Single cylinder CZPT
Rigid fan 

Transmission HYUNDAI T230S12, with overdrive, synchronized, 12 forwards and 2 reverse, 2300N.m
Ratio: 12.29   9.57  7.49  5.83  4.57  3.55  2.69  2.10  1.64  1.28  1  0.78  10.86(R1) 8.46(R2)

Propeller Shaft Double CZPT joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped coupling flange

Front Axle HYUNDAI, Steering with doubleT-cross section beam, 7.5 T, drum air brake

Rear Axle HYUNDAI R190HS, 16 T Pressed axle housing, Single reduction

Aluminium fuel tank: 400 L capacity with locking fuel cap, fitted to the off side of the chassis
Steering CZPT steering,  hydraulic steering with CZPT assitance
Fifth wheel 2 inch, Rated loading capacity at fifth wheel: 50,000kg
Brakes Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on CZPT shaft and rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake(WEVB)

Wheels & Tyres Tire: 11 pcs  295/80R22.5, Tubeless tire

Driver’s Cab HYUNDAI luxuary cab, with two seats, 2 sleeping beds,  2-arm windscreen wiper system 

Dimensions  mm Wheel base 1990+2760
Front wheel track 2045
Rear wheel track 1828
Front overhang  1540
Rear overhang 995
Approach angle (0) 16
Departure angle (0) 39
Overall length 7300
Overall width 2500
Overall height  3940
Weight  kg Dead weight 7900
Maximum Carrying Capacity 40000
Gross vehicle weight(GVW) 48000
Front axle loading capacity 7000*2
Rear axle loading capacity 13000*1