Polyurethane near me Coupling, PU Coupling Spider, PU Coupling Element, PU Coupling 97shore a with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Polyurethane CZPT ,PU CZPT Spider, PU CZPT CZPT ment, PU CZPT 97shore a
made by injection with high quality polyester. It is designing and special for all kinds of metal shaft coupling with very good performance of high tensile strength, high wear resistant, high elastic resilience, water resistant, oil resistant and excellent fatigue resilience, high impact resistant etc. We have full sets moulds and supply full range of Falk R couplings with high quality and excellent experience. Apply to all kinds of industrial metal shaft coupling.
material: polyester
color: CZPT
surface: smooth
tensile strength: 55Mpa
hardness: 97Shore A
elongation: 650%
density: 1.25g/cm3
elasticity impact: >25%
tear strength: 155KN/m
akron abrasion loss: <0.05cm3/1.61km
compression set (22h*70oC): <10%
working temperature: 100oC

Size OD(mm) ID(mm) Thickness(mm) Gear Qty Color Hardness
Falk 10R 80 49 23 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 20R 114 61 31 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 30R 131 74 35 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 40R 164 82 47 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 50R 210 106 60 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 60R 250 140 65 8 Green 97Shore A
Falk 70R 293 164 72 8 Green 97Shore A